One summer, I had a life changing experience on a hidden porch atop a 100-year-old house in Chautauqua, New York. You can read about that experience at

It was on this porch that God’s words came alive for me in a way I hadn’t known before. Bible reading before Chautauqua often put me to sleep at night, but once there, I woke up early without an alarm or even coffee and dove into my Bible as if it were full of love notes written just for me.

I began writing down the thoughts that came to mind as I read. I’ve been surprised by what I’ve dug up and by what’s been dug up in me.

I’ve continued to read and write since then, sometimes posting here in the hope of keeping someone else company on their own journey of faith.

God is Love and because of who he is, he reaches out and offers relationship to anyone who responds. I don’t think he’s looking for good people. I think he’s looking for lost people who want to be found—empty people who long to be filled.

“I want more” is how I feel when I hang out with him and is why I read his ancient words, strangely fresh and new, again and again.

I hope you’ll join me.


Eve DeBardeleben Roebuck

P.S. I write another blog, One True Love, where I tell stories from my life that teach me what God is like. You can find it here: http://one